According to Hermetic Philosophy, man has a triple constitution, being made up of a physical body, an Astral Body and a Soul. The body, like minerals and plants, is made up of the three Principles (Sulphur, Mercury and Salt) and four Elements (Fire, Air, Water and Earth), in variable combinations between them.According to alchemical concepts, quantitative alterations or qualitative imbalances in the relationship between the three Principles, or between the four Elements, can lead to a state of illness. So for example, Sulphur, an active and oxidising ingredient, when in excess can cause fever.

Mercury, on the other hand, a passive and plastic principle, when it heats up and evaporates produces mania, frenzy or epilepsy; while, if it cools and precipitates, it causes sciatica and arthritis in the bones, consumption and catarrh in the lungs, apoplexy in the brain. Likewise, Salt, if it accumulates in the body, can cause stones, colic, rheumatism, cirrhosis and toothache.

Normally man derives the three Principles, Sulphur, Mercury and Salt from foods. However, a poor diet or an unregulated lifestyle can, as we have seen, lead to various pathologies, the treatment of which will consist in a correct dietary regime or in the use of medicinal plants, classified and administered to the patient according to the relative proportions of Sulphur, Salt and Mercury.

Much better known than the System based on the three Principles, was the therapeutic System based on the Four Elements, also because it was supported by the authority of famous doctors, such as Galen and Hippocrates.

According to the theory of the Elements, in the human body Water corresponds to Lymph, Air corresponds to Blood, Fire corresponds to Yellow Bile and Earth corresponds to Black Bile. Based on the predominance of one or the other Element, one of the four human temperaments would originate: the Lymphatic, the Bloody, the Bilious and the Nervous, each of which will demonstrate a particular predisposition towards certain pathologies.

For example, the Lymphatic Temperament is characterized by a dull color, soft flesh, moist skin, slow and weak pulse, small size, bad breath, abundant saliva and urine and an atonic stomach. Furthermore, the lymphatic is constitutionally predisposed to anemia and scrofulosis, generally showing a shy and indecisive character.

On the contrary, the Sanguine Temperament is marked by a pink tint, regular pulse, warm and elastic skin, protruding eyes and a heavy gait. Generally the Sanguine shows a jovial and generous character, but is predisposed to constipation, migraines and degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis and gout.

The Bilious Temperament has hot, dry skin, a yellowish tint, and a hard, rapid pulse. Furthermore, it digests rapidly and its motor activity is feverish, passionate, violent. However, it shows a great susceptibility to liver and kidney diseases.

Finally, the Nervous or Melancholic Temperament has an earthy tint, wrinkled and dry skin, small and frequent pulse, hard ears and capricious appetite. Taciturn and solitary, the Melancholic is subject to sadness and depression, showing a tendency towards suicide and neurosis.

According to alchemists, each human temperament represented an imbalance of the constituent elements of that body, which could lead to various pathological consequences.

The therapy consisted of using medicines – especially plant extracts – with qualities opposite to those of the prevailing “mood” in that particular patient. For example, the Lymphatic could benefit from infusions based on chamomile, absinthe, mint, angelica, i.e. so-called “hot” plants; the bilious person instead benefited from infusions of sorrel, lettuce, rosemary or from poultices of hemlock leaves, i.e. “wet and cold” plants.

Homeopathy can also be traced back to the legacy of Alchemical Medicine. As many will remember, the key principle of Homeopathy is “similia cum similibus curantur“, that is, the like heals the like.

According to the homeopathic concept, each disease corresponds, in Nature, to a “Simillimum”, that is, a pharmacotherapeutic principle capable of restoring balance and health in the patient’s body, if administered in infinitesimal doses.

Hainemann, the founder of modern Homeopathy, theorized the basis of the new science, an alternative to Official Medicine. In his idea, treating the sick represented a very different process from the mechanisms of Allopathic Medicine, which limited itself to treating the affected organs.

In fact, Homeopathy is concerned with restoring balance and health in the entire organism: mind, soul and body, altered due to essentially energetic anomalies. However, from our point of view, Hainemann’s theories are nothing but a recent evolution of the ancient Hermetic Doctrines on the occult constitution of living beings.

In the gravitational field of the human body, Hermeticism teaches that a Magnetic Aura is generated, which is the product of the energy radiation spectrum of matter.

In every Aura, energies and nervous flows flow which, produced by the combustion of food, represent as many factors of resistance to the mysterious influences of the “Cosmic Ray” which, as is admitted in the scientific community, propagates on Earth with an intensity influenced by sidereal phenomena , such as solar radiation and moon phases.

The Aura, or “Second Body” of the Hermetic Tradition, is also the medium environment through which relationships between men, animals and things can (and do) intervene. Extremely sensitive and plastic, the magnetic Aura radiates out of the body and deepens into the tissues, finding its flow channels in the sensitive nerves of the animal organism and its deep roots in the cell families that make up the body organs.

According to the Alchemical Conception, every bodily disease originates from an energetic imbalance, found primarily in the Aura. Which is equivalent to affirming the “energetic genesis” of psycho-physical well-being or pathological states, wherever this occurs.

The Eastern Tradition, like any Western Esoteric Tradition, identifies “nodal points” along the course of the energy flows of the human body, defined as Chakras, which correspond to the “Sefiroth” of the Jewish Kabbalah.

Each Chakra has the function of receiving native energetic currents, metabolizing them into more subtle forces, which animate living matter. At the same time, the Chakras have the task of reflecting the Cosmic Currents, which unconsciously flood the bodies with a type of intense energy and peculiar qualities, which the ancient Egyptians defined with the suggestive name of “Green Ray” because it brought life and natural growth. Osiris, god of rebirth and natural life, has a green face.

Each Chakra presides over the function of multiple organs or systems. Primitive imbalances in the Chakras can lead to alterations in the energy balance of the body organs, resulting in various diseases: from chronic and deficiency forms, to tumors and psychic and endocrine imbalances.

In particular, if the disease is the product of an energy deficit (or an energy block), by administering a medicine that has the same vibrational spectrum as the interrupted “current”, the compromised energy heritage can be reintegrated, thus curing the real cause that produced the illness.

And since what is intended to be administered is the “vibrational quality” of the medicine, homeopathic medicines are prescribed in infinitesimal and non-weighted doses, that is, in hundredths and thousandths of a milligram.

Once the chemical pharmacological power has been lost with the progressive homeopathic dilutions, the energetic power will remain unchanged, the prerogative of the most ethereal and subtle part of matter. The energetic properties of the drug can then be multiplied over and over again through “dynamization” procedures, which represent one of the most controversial and fascinating aspects of Homeopathic Medicine.

Fundamental for understanding the homeopathic mechanism are the fairly recent studies on the “memory of water”, that is, on the ability of water molecules, placed in contact with any substance, to organize themselves structurally into bio-clusters, that is, into bio- functionally active aggregates, capable of indefinitely maintaining the vibrational and therapeutic properties of the substance studied, whether it is a chemical drug or a natural product.

I refer the reader to the fundamental contributions of the Italian physicists Emilio Del Giudice and Giuliano Preparata, as well as to the extraordinary images of the “emotional responses” of water by Masaru Emoto.

In recent years, thanks to the knowledge derived from Quantum Physics, numerous Alternative Medicine techniques have been developed capable of digitalising water, transferring the pharmacological properties of various pharmacological principles and imprinting on it frequencies capable of energetically correcting, and therefore also physically, the patient’s organism.

Mario Krejis