Man is enclosed in an Energy Egg, which is immersed in an Ocean of Life. From the farthest reaches of the Universe the energy of Creation, reflected by the Sirius star, reaches us, penetrating into the bodies and supplying living organisms (Nature is alive for Hermeticism).

In humans the penetration of vital energy (Prana) is accomplished through swirling energy centers identified in the Second Body and defined by the Sanskrit term Chakra.

Mass media hamper the audience with continuous references to Chakra’s awakening techniques, which New-Age prophets present as an effective method of inner evolution, deriving it from Eastern Tradition. It must be remembered, however, that every Ovum-Man has his/her own energy architecture, which is the result of the interaction between the physical (genetic heritage) and the invisible (Second Body) part.

Consequently, every organism, unique in the somato-psychic plane, expresses its equilibrium or disequilibrium through the peculiar characteristics of its energy centers. In a way, Chakras have a similar meaning to fingerprints in the sense that they characterize the individual for what he is, varying from person to person both in function and in the kind of energy that they are able to convey.

This suggests that energy manipulation techniques aren’t the same in all cases: those who act imprudently cause situations of psychological imbalance or real illness (hypertension, heart disease, depression, etc.).

In short, Chakras, according to the Human Egg needs, absorb the energy of the most consistent type to the individual’s psychic and organic state, concentrating and immersing it in the whole of the global energy flow.

In the diseased subject some Chakra functions are severely altered. Even the energy they transmit is therefore qualitatively or quantitatively unbalanced, so feeding the disease circuit.

In such cases, who would cure the ill subject by psychic means, should be able to diagnose the energy anomaly (that is not easy at all), providing from outside the kind of force needed by the subject, without leaving the necessary therapeutic support of Natural Medicine and Psychotherapy.

Coming back to Second Body description, every Chakra carries out his peculiar role, transmitting a different quality of energy. Every kind of energy has its color and its vibration, carrying out specialized functions on the physical and psychic plan. Due to their regulatory effect on organic balance, Chakras are conventionally located in correspondence of the internal secretion glands.


Their seat and their number can vary, on the basis of Tradition (seven, but also nine or eleven Chakra are described) and of psychic evolution level reached by the Initiate. This should not be surprising. We are talking about swirling energy, rather than rigid anatomical structures.

The Muladhara Chakra, located in the base of the spine, is connected to survival instinct and to sense of reality.

The Svadhistan Chakra, located in perineum, behind sexual organs, is connected to emotions and sexuality.

The Manipura Chakra, or the solar plexus, regulates the metabolism, the will and the sense of personal autonomy.

The Anahata Chakra, or Hearth center, presides over feeling and love.

The Vishuddha Chakra, or throat center, is the core of expression and creative intelligence applied to experience.

The Ajna Chakra, or third eye, is the center of superior knowledge and wisdom.

Finally, the Sahasrara Chakra, or Crown center, presides over pure consciousness and union with the divine.

In Kabbalistic Tradition, Chakras correspond to the Fruits ( Sephirot) of the Tree of Life, that is the energy circulation system acting in Microcosm-Man and linking the human pile to the forces of Macrocosm-Universe.

By properly awakening a Chakra and becoming aware of the kind of energy that it expresses, you can absorb its qualities, minimizing its opposite aspects.
By facilitating the circulation of energy with special techniques, it is possible to stimulate sleeping or unbalanced centers, amplifying their functions and guiding the initiatory awareness process.

Finally, energizing all Chakras and harmonizing them in a perfect balance, you gain wisdom and Second Body stability. You can thus temporarily survive death.


In Kabbalistic Tradition each Chakra is identified with an intelligent Force, acting in various Plans. Each Chakra is given the name of a God, an Angel, or Archangel, who becomes the rector of that particular center. By invoking his name, the force he represents is drawn.

The Tree of Life shines even in Macrocosm, with the same characteristics as that of the body. Therefore, becoming conscious of the energy structure of man, you can explore the homologous sources that exist in the various Plans of Creation: therefore, according to the Jewish Kabbalah, in the World of Emanation (Atziluth), in the World of Creation (Briah), in the World of Formation (Yetzirah) and in the World of Action (Assiah).

You also understand why the Tree of Life glyph is considered by all Esoterists the most complete representation of the Universe and man. It is not my intention, however, to dwell on the subject. I provide the essential references to understand what it is all about.

I would like to add that the energy structure of the body was well known to the ancient Egyptians, masters in the use of human energies for therapeutic purposes and rapid evolution. Also the Egyptians, even before the Kabbalists, knew the Chakras. Names can change, but the substance is the same.

Similarly, many wisdom Traditions in the West as well as in the East were (and are) depositories of such knowledge, often dangerous if applied by unprepared man. There is nothing new under the Sun. What is confidential, and so should stay, is the awakening techniques of the various centers. But I will not desecrate ancient knowledge with personal opinions that would not be understood.

I realize that many readers will find difficult to orient themselves in the complex knowledge of Kabbalah, so I will make a brief digression to explain the principles of the ancient Jewish doctrine. They are small seeds of knowledge I set down in the reader’s mind. However, the main work should be done by him/herself.

It is appropriate to come back to the Tree of Life concept. This is a not easy subject, a puzzle for many scholars of esoteric matters, but it is a mainstay for understanding human and transcendental reality. It also offers the opportunity to space on another topic of particular interest, that is, on the relationship between opposites

Mario Krejis, Hermetism and Alchemy, Chap 2