Hermeticism pursues an ambitious program: the man evolution towards a superior human type.

But it would be desirable that hermetic doctrine adaptes its expressions to contemporary man needs, in order to be more accessible in its essential truths.

Mine is much more than a wish.
It is a plan declaration, which would be then the attempt to take back the right of the truth to triumph over so much flowering nonsense in True Science’s backyard.

The new Hermeticism must be different from the old one, by definition.

It isn’t an ideological revolution. The dispute, if you like, concerns the way the eternal truth expresses itself.

Modern man should ask him(her)self about the real reasons which let him(her) turn his(her) attention to an Ancient Tradition, in the attempt to find peace and serenity. Is the crisis of religious values that pushes to seek beyond Christian mysticism, no longer able to quench the soul of those who are driven by the need of love, rather than conformism or habit?

The answer is probably positive.

Over the years Religion has lost its synchronism with its faithful followers, increasingly relying on the role of social doctrine and less and less the true faith one, which alone can shake off the weak infrastructures of the human psyche from the foundation.

Such consideration could explain the return to the ancient mystery faiths, through the reenactment of glories of bygone ages, though still rich in promises and enchantments.

Mario Krejis, Hermetism and Alchemy, chap. 7