Alchemy is one of the thorniest issues of the Hermetic Doctrine: an inexhaustible source of Truth, but also of terrible poisons. Powerful exercise for minds trained to speculation and sophistry and – at the same time – an inspiration source for daring souls willing to face the unknown.

Souls – I underline – not minds. The difference is substantial. Like a key fits only one lock, so the Alchemy Law opens only the souls that have been transformed over the centuries, until they become pliable as wax and hard as steel. Ready souls, as Hermeticism says, human souls, very human, but with an edge over the common souls: the power of love.

It sounds easy, but it’s not so. Love is an over-used word. There are many kinds of love and all originate from sex. However, there is only one Divine Love, that in the body of the Initiate has to become the Light that creates and transforms, heats and cools, solidifies and melts.

A Light that is Strength and that forges an armor around the immortal soul, which will allow it to project itself beyond life as an eternal Being, that will not end with the physical death.

It’s the secret of immortality. Alchemy is the homeland of all secrets. But these are just words! The real secret is the transformation that I mentioned: change your inner heritage, to become a Divine Light Switch. And then use that Light to regenerate yourself – body and soul – creating yourself as a new and more stable individual.

Ancient alchemists said that you have to transform the Low Metals (Lead, Tin, Copper, Iron, Mercury) in Silver and Gold. Gold is the purest and most precious metal. Inside Man it is the intelligence, enlightened by the rays of the Individual God.

Low Metals are deadly aspects of the personality. Silver, in turn, is the transition element, the soul of man that has completed its road and is ready for its final transformation.

But to produce the Alchemical Gold, you must have at least a grain of this precious metal. Thus, when the Iniziate’s coarse Stone will be placed into the Athanor, to purge his poison, that little speck of Golden Light catalyzes the prodigy. This is equivalent to stating that only those who, for their historical legacy, contain a divine atom, can evolve from common men to semi-Gods.

That is the starting point of all disputes. Many Initiates thought (and think) that every person contains the mysterious grain of eternal life. And they tried to find it in the mind and body of not purified men, calling it Quintessence or Raw Material.

There is nothing worse than communism of Soul. It takes an ordinary man, with his vices, his passions and his few qualities and pretends to turn her/him into a god. It would be too easy! Anyone could find a little piece of ‘Materia Prima’ (number of hypotheses have been put forward in this regard) and absorb it casually – that is, without turning away from the quarrels of the world – becoming an Angel in a jiffy.

It is a serious distortion of the truth. It is also a big mistake, in which many Masters fell while still running for their evolution.

Barking up the wrong tree, it means stirring up the illusion and pave the way for endless misunderstandings. I’m ready to say – and several examples confirm this – that Alchemy was a disastrous path for many ambitious men, who have tried the road without any merit. We cannot enter the Divine World without owning the Seed of Alchemic Gold. It is inside the soul of man, not in the dungeons atmosphere of his physical body.

The spiritual love flame is the research that every Treasure Hunter will have to make in herself/himself. As in the King Solomon’s mines, the soul miner will have to dig into the depths of her/his land (body), smearing soot and consuming her/his muscles in the deep recesses of the unconscious, to reach the cave where he/she will find his Golden Nugget.

And if he/she does not find it – if a real nugget is not there – he/she needs to get it from someone that has already made the Gold at will, and is empowered to donate it because of the Right and the Divine Will.


The meaning of Philosophers Stone should be clear from these premises. In a universe of vibrations – Quantum Physics confirms it – that is, in an Ocean of Light, in which the Material thickens in ever-changing forms, it is not hard to imagine that we can transmit a transformative impulse from one person to another, a powerful energy that can transform the vibration of a person cutting deeply inside his matter and beyond matter. That is the Masters Arcanum.

To summarize: to transform the Initiate in a superior man, to make substantial his soul, transforming it into a Being, that is an indivisible and intelligent reality with a pure and powerful intelligence, you must open the heart of the Initiate – its deepest cave – and pull out the Spiritual Gold: the true love.

At this point you will need the fuel for the fire. After that, the body, considered in its whole complexity, will burn like a roasted chicken. And since the Holy Fire dissolves and coagulates at the same time, impurities will be dissolved and all the virtues will coagulate. The finished product will be a new man, the cabalistic Adam Kadmon returned to its original splendor.