Foreword to the liturgy of the dead


Death does not exist

The soul, or the Inner Self, always survives.

But I would like the reader to reflect that Soul is a big word, which includes variable meanings, which in their most intelligent meaning refer more than anything to the Historical Soul (Anima Storica).

Historical Soul is synonymous with the Essential Core, depersonalized in most cases, thus deprived of the nobler meanings of bright consciousness and will.

The Reincarnates are subtracted from this rule, because they own variously intact their Second Consciousness, which extends into the spectrum of multiple possibilities: from the relative unconsciousness, to the luminous awareness of the Higher Worlds.

After death the soul, in its simple meaning of Lunar Body, externalization of the somatic and neuro-psychic sensitivity of the deceased (containing therefore the Historical Self) remains in the body; or it’s partially bound to the body by a thin but persistent fluidic bond.

In these conditions it is still aware of the earthly world, having an attenuated sensitivity to the environment, albeit with the impossibility of direct expression: it perceives sounds, forms, voices and lights with partially clouded consciousness and automatic memory of the past.

At the same time the Lunar Body of the deceased is aware of the Astral World, receiving suggestions, visions and influences that alter its ancient perception, sinking it into a dreamlike dimension (lunar dimension).

This phase can last days or months, following the events of the physical body. As the decay of the organic matter proceeds, its sensitivity to being conscious decreases, while the so-called astral sensitivity progressively increases.

Eventually the energetic string that unites the corpse to the Lunar Body becomes fragmented and the ghost is released into the Earth’s atmosphere. At this point, different eventualities can occur:

It is possible that disembodied Intelligences assist the deceased in the phase of rapid vaporization of his residual matter (Second Body).

Generally it happens that the ghost remains free, transforming itself into a wandering soul and acquiring minimal stability, for the period of its astral evolution. In fact, it still contains some fragments of human matter (of the Lunar Body).

The stabilization I am referring to is a transitional phase, in which the soul becomes able to move freely in the middle astral world. That is however a rough and partial degradation. From our point of view, this means being better in one sense and worse in the other.

The Purgatory of the Christians represents therefore a passage of state of the conscience of the deceased, still connected to the Earth but already able to experience the Invisible. An indivisible but brutalized and suffering creature, in its automatic attempt to go back, towards a human existence that is now closed to it.

The third possibility is to rise again in a Glorious Body (Light Body), if the circumstances of death have produced the degeneration during life of the Second Body, profoundly altering the construct and strengthening the expression of the Historical Soul.

The progressive death of the Lunar Body, when it still occurs in life, represents an advantage for the deceased, since the tormenting circuits of the Second Death will be avoided, with the fears and risks involved.

This is what happens to the Alchemy Initiate, once the Nigredo process is completed; or to the Initiate to the Isiac Path (Via Isiaca), at the end of their long purification period. In most cases, this possibility can only be determined in the case of long and painful diseases, for reincarnated people with a mature Historical Soul.

The Second Death can be described as a definitive loss of consciousness, a nebulous expression if applied to the Invisible. In fact, one cannot be aware of what does not exist for the senses.

It is right that the reader understands the meaning of the word Invisible, which is so much discussed in the Metaphysical Texts and that no living person knows. The amazing theosophical descriptions, the astral journeys of dream-like travelers, the imaginative paradises where people would go after death, are creations of the mind, incapable of conceiving the Nothingness / Absence of Form, where illusions reign, forms born of fantasy, that the breath of every Dream Preacher describes in a different way.

Nothingness! Here is what our destination will be, when the brain material will give off the extreme jolt and the last tear will mark our face. In the Void / Absence of Form our dear departed will make their journey without return, in the illusory expectation of finding comfort in the arms of a family member or friend.

None of this. An immense Nothingness, an Abyss in which light nebulae of energy slowly migrate. They are the Collective Atmospheres, the mysterious nouns of Traditions now neglected, which intersect in the becoming of the Universe in a kaleidoscopic play of colors.

Astral Tides! Thoughts-Wave! Electrondense Matter that vibrates in the Void! Physics, Physics and then again Physics! …

The Lunar Body dies; and with the last breath human individuality goes to hell. A small psychic nucleus remains, a spiritual seed of the deceased bearer of his psychic heritage, which is suddenly embodied in a new body. These are the prerequisites of Reincarnation, which is a Law for Hermeticism. So what is Life beyond Life, that Paladins of Spiritism ramble? It’s a dream, it’s the bait of Religions to capture good believers, throwing them to the basket of illusions at a dead weight.

Life is a perennial return. People live and die; people are reborn and die again, until the end of time. This is the horizontal evolution of souls. However, there is also a vertical evolution, the so-called Dimensional Leap, about which it is necessary to spend a few words.

There are multiple realities beyond Matter. They are the Parallel Dimensions, which modern Physics admits in its most daring ruminations. The ancient sages knew well the Parallel Dimensions, which defined Heavens; and the Jewish Kabbalah, like other Esoteric Doctrines, has many exact notions about it and its Inhabitants, albeit expressed in mystical and primitive language.

Stargate is the interdimensional door created by the imagination of science fiction writers, with the dream that people in the flesh can cross the Dimensional Portals, projecting themselves into other Universes.

Are they fantasies or reality? The Hermetic Science has its answers, which do not concern people but their soul: not the whole soul, but the part that is able to act as a Magnetic Key, which opens the lock of the Invisible.

Ask a Higher Intelligence to materialize in the earthly dimension. While it can do it, rest assured that it won’t, unless there is an important reason. In fact, it should change its vibratory spectrum, up to a painful sensation of solidity.

Imagine listening to your voice on the recorder. You will feel it clearly and ringing, identical to yours. Now slow down the scroll speed of the reel. The voice will seem to you dark, slow, heavy. That is what would happen to a Luminous Intelligence, if it decided to sit down and converse pleasantly with an earthling: slow down, grow heavy, solidify.

Now let’s reverse the problem. Imagine that, always with the recorder in the same position, try to play a fast rhyme. It is unlikely that your imaginary listener will be able to appreciate the sound of your timbre, perceiving its inflection and cadence. There is little to do. You will have to increase the speed of the tape, only in this way you can make yourself understood.

In other words, there is no way to make one’s mental and emotional world survive. Death, for normal people, is a dangerous leap in the dark, in which the Nothing reigns unchallenged.

Look, I’m not an atheist or a materialist. I say what I say for the benefit of those who believe in survival tout court, keeping intact its usual clothes, indeed multiplying its human faculties with the help of the Invisible.

However, it is no longer time to feed the Collective Unconscious with presumptions of illusory truth. It’s true, you don’t die. However Life beyond Life, in the sense of an automatic and conscious passage in a hypothetical afterlife, is only a human creation.

What is destroyed by death can only be reconstituted in a new incarnation. We are children of the planet, we are its creatures. Our souls are earthbound, attracted by the incarnation like the iron from the magnet. Being reborn is the only destiny that awaits us.

Do we have to be children of the Holy Roman Church, to aspire to a healthy physical body, to good parents and to a historical era of serenity and peace? I don’t think so!

I believe instead that the reader should take advantage of my words to modify his old parameters of judgment, throwing behind themselves the heavy legacy of Christian mysticism, imprinted with the sackcloth and fire in the depths of their Historical Soul.

Live your life as a Hero, knowing that it is the only one that really belongs to us! When we are born again, we will no longer remember our affections and unnecessary suffering experienced in contrast with the society of the time. We will be new, it is true, but we will no longer be the same.

So let’s feel completely free, becoming protagonists of our brief earthly itinerary. Let’s love, work, suffer with lightness and dignity. Let’s enjoy that good gives us life; and what does not offer us, let us conquer it with our will.

It is the virile right of the Hero, fruit of the pain and dignity of our Ancestors, even before a humble Pastor of souls suffocated the ancient ideal in a flock without courage and dripping with fear.

Let’s live our lives as if it were the last day, becoming brazen and arrogant, if this represents our redemption from centuries of passivity and pain; or embracing our enemies, if our soul urges us to do so, against all evidence or logical reason. Let’s forgive those who hurt us not out of Christian charity, but out of love, if in spite of everything we feel this need.

Let’s become apostles of ourselves, admirers of our dignity, champions of our Truth, that is of what we feel authentic in us and legitimate for us.

It is the perfect way to prepare ourselves for death and it is the legacy we will leave to our successors, that is to ourselves, to which a bond binds us together, a bond stronger than a blood tie: the bond of our soul, which will live again in a better world if from today we will make it this way with our example of free people, devoted to the only god of humanity: Life.

This does not mean, however, that the aspiration to the Vertical Evolution of souls has represented the dream of all generations, the mirage of every scholar of Sacred Sciences.

Recalling what has already been written, only by structurally modifying the soul you can have access to the Parallel Dimensions, which are not so parallel because they are concentrically larger, more ethereal and closer to the Delivery Center of Life, which is the One / God.

In the body of people there are two Magnets, which vibrate on different planes, emanating lights and shadows that are lost in the Void. The first Magnet concentrates the emotional sensitivity, the second polarizes the activity of thought. The first is the Lunar Body, the second is the Mercurial Body. The reader will certainly be informed about the characteristics of the two Bodies, if they read my writings and those of Kremmerz.

The Hermetic Doctrine tells the initiate: Purify! Is it an open secret? Maybe, but certainly it is the most difficult thing to obtain, the most demanding test to overcome, the longest and most painful path of the Spiritual Road.

Many try: Christianity, with its good rules and the Sant’Ignazio’s small sacrifices; Buddhism, with the progressive nullification of the Ego in transcendent meditation; Hinduism, with its precepts of Hatha Yoga.

Even Hermeticism tries and succeeds; not always, but most often it succeeds. How? With its techniques, which are precepts of life and ritual practices.

With the precepts of life you ​​try not to get dirty, keeping the Lunar Body as uncontaminated as possible; and the mind balanced, fixed on essential concepts, which are models of behavior: friendship, solidarity, love.

With the ritual practices the dimensional channels are opened. They are access doors. The Energy of the Spheres descends, vibrates, matures, transforms and destroys, as the heat melts the wax and coagulates the albumen. They are the mysteries of the Occult Chemistry of the human body!

Are the channels open? Then the energy flows continuously, acting on the Lunar Matrix. The Similar Natures, species of accessory personalities, stand out and die of inertia; The Ego anemizes and falls into a coma; the Historical Self undergoes a solemn purgation, emptying the belly of all the ancient residues, which make digestion difficult and disturb thought.

The mind is decongested. Desperately it goes in search of old thoughts, triggering the usual mechanisms: feelings of guilt, fear, attraction. But it doesn’t find them. The mind becomes rarefied, becomes flying, winged. Thus the Hermes was born, the Mercurial Intelligence.

Eventually the two Bodies are ready, bound to each other, as lovers in perpetual copulation. The Lunar Body dies, the Historical Self dies. Their new synthesis is Mary, the redeemed, immortal, eternal soul.

Like the fish of the first Christians, Mary swims freely in the Ocean of Earth Energy; then, with instantaneous movement, she flies to the Heavens where the Gods are hidden, and speaks and loves with them. Then she strips off everything, like a rocket that leaves its fuel tanks.

She no longer needs to be projected, she is a self-moving Body, a Chariot sailing towards the Sun. She is the Boat of Rha, which proceeds eternally in its cyclic movement, driven by the energy of the Stars, which are always Nature and his Creator, God.

Thus Mary gives birth to the Christ. Isis gives birth to Horus, the Redeemer, the Winner of Seth, the Evil, the Energy of Creation, which must be subdued and dominated, like a horse frightened by his daring rider. That is the Alchemy dream, the recipe of Hermeticism to overcome death in continuity, in eternity, ascending at a dizzying speed towards the Heaven of Heaven, that is to say towards God.

And death? I have already said that death does not exist. So can something be done for the dead, to help them in their period of adaptation to the Invisible, making their earthly detachment less burdensome?

I say that something can, indeed must be done. The Church does it, with its Liturgies, even Hermeticism can do it. My friends, who will work in the Hermetic Circles, know how to act.

To you, distracted readers of obvious truths, I offer one last advice. Not much is needed to win death: just do what you can to be happy. If, however, you aim high, you will have to work on yourself, briskly and consistently.

A drop that falls, pierces the stone! Then be a rebel drop, obstinately trying to break the balance of all things taken for granted, in you and outside you. So, even the granite stone you have in your heart will crack and then, at peace with yourself, you will find your little Ounce of Alchemical Gold.

Mario Krejis